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Trace™ Pen


Are your personal belongings an easy target for thieves?

Theft can be expensive, inconvenient and even frightening. That’s why it’s essential to take appropriate measures to protect your valuable belongings.

Trace™ is a popular choice for those who wish to personalize items such as electronics, cameras, tools, and other costly possessions. Technologically advanced, easy to apply and cost effective, Trace™ is the number one option for your theft prevention needs.




How does Trace™ work?

Hundreds of Trace™ disks are applied to various locations on your valuable items.

The unique code on each Trace™ disc is then stored in a secure national database, which can be accessed by police to identify stolen property.

The Trace™ discs are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by a UV light and magnifying device.

It’s virtually impossible to locate and remove all the Trace™ discs, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your property without fear of being caught.

Warning stickers provided as part of your package act as a visible deterrent to thieves.

Benefits of Trace™

Easy application – Trace™ can be applied quickly and easily.

Cost effective

Peace of mind – If your property is stolen, its ownership is easily traceable via the secure Trace™ national database.

Proof of ownership – The unique code on each Trace™ disc links your property back to you, making it virtually impossible for thieves to sell it safely.

Insurance savings – Enjoy a range of potential insurance discounts and incentives.

Awareness – Police have acknowledged the effectiveness of Trace™ technology in theft prevention.

Product Return Policy

Your satisfaction with our TRACE product is important to us. Within 30 calendar days of purchase, if you suspect the item is defective please contact our Customer Service Team (1-844-531-5865) who will assist in determining the problem. If believed to be defective, we will issue a Return Authorization number and you may return the item for exchange.  Once received, TRACE will send a replacement item and cover shipping costs for the exchange item sent to you.

In the event that we cannot satisfy your customer service issue then you will be eligible for a refund if your refund claim is made within 30 calendar days of the purchase date.  Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it and in the original packaging. The item must also have the receipt or proof of purchase.  Refunds will not reimburse shipping costs and must have a Return Authorization number received from our Customer Service Team.  The customer is also responsible for shipping costs to return the item.