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Tracing Your Property with New Technology

June 15. 2015

Kingston Police has partnered and adapted the new TRACE Pen technology. Allowing the community to “mark” their property (jewelry, bikes, valuables etc.) and register them online to prevent theft and resale of lost or stolen products.


Trace pen on mark for people’s valuables

May 14. 2015

Residents now have a new way to mark their possessions in case they are stolen, thanks to a Canadian-made product. Endorsed by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Trace pen and program marks personal belongings so they can be identified by police or a pawn shop


Sarnia police use trace pen technology to help track and return stolen goods

January 14. 2015

Sarnia police are hoping a new property-tracking technology will reduce thefts and help officers return stolen items to their rightful owners. The Sarnia service announced this week it’s starting to use Trace pen technology.


Midland Police Showing Off a New Toy

October 22. 2014

A TracePen was unveiled in Midland today. 107.5 Kool FM’s Brett Glover found out what it does.